With suitable examples, explain the upstream and downstream requirements of processed and packed food industry.

The processed and packaged food Industry requires a robust support of upstream and downstream requirements.
Upstream requirements refer to the raw materials, machinery and equipments the industry requires to carry out its operations. Upstream requirements of the processed and packaged Industry includes

  • Agricultural outputs which form the raw material for the industry.
  • Warehousing and storage facilities.
  • Cold storages
  • An efficient logistics management.
  • Efficient transport facilities and connectivity to ensure the picking up of the raw materials from the designated poibts at a designated time.

Downstream requirements refer to the requirements to ensure the safe transfer of the products of the company to the consumers. Downstream requirements of the processed and packages industry include

  • A facility to ensure the product is able to withhold its characteristics in the environment.
  • Transport and logistics to ensure the transfer of the products to the consumers.
  • Delivery chain to ensure the product goes to the consumer with the assured quality as the shelf life of the processed and packaged goods is a concern.

The Dairy industries upstream requirements include well designed transport facilities and pick up points to collect the milk from the farmers and ensuring the quality of the milk without adulterations. The downstream requirements include cold storages, transport facilities to ensure the good quality milk is reached to the consumers.
For an Industry which operates in organic products the upstream requirements include farmers who are willing to grow the crops in prescribed manner, support to ensure the farm products meet the requisite criteria’s and an efficient supply chain to pick up and transport the products. The downstream requirements include ensuring of the product is distinguishable as Organic products, Consumer willingness to shell out extra resources for the organic products to ensure the sustainability of the Industry.


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