What is S-400 �Triumf� Air Defence System? Enumerate how buying this system will strengthen India�s defense capabilities and will hamper India-USA relations.

An S-400 �Triumf� air defence missile system is one of the most advanced long-range defence systems in the world. India is the second export customer, after China to purchase this most advance defence system.
Features of the defence system:

  • It has been in service in Russia since 2007
  • It is capable of firing three types of missiles. Thus, it creates a layered defence, and simultaneously engaging 36 targets
  • It is based on a�multifunctional systemthat can drop missiles at different speeds
  • It can address the incoming targets at a�range of 400 kms and a height of 30-40 kms
  • It can�neutralise 36 targets at one timein the range of 400 kms
  • Its�radar detection systemhas a range of 600kms and can target 100-300 targets
  • It has�12 launchers equipped with missileswhich can be launched within 5 minutes
  • India�will be able to secure a�nearly 4000 km long boundary line with China
  • India can track activities of Pakistani Air Force in Afghanistan

With threats always a possibility from China and Pakistan, India needs to keep its defence systems strong. The Cold War saw Soviet Union and America locked in an arms race. Both tried to establish supremacy in nuclear warfare and state of arts arsenal. The United States which is emerging as a strong ally at present times has strong reservations against the Indo-Russian deal.


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