What is Blockchain Technology? Keeping in focus the skepticism and debate on the safety and security of the Aadhar database, do you think that blockchaining can help? Discuss.

The blockchain is a distributed database shared among a network of computers, like a universal ledger of digital records shared between a number of parties. Digital records can be updated only after approval of a majority of the participants. And, once the information is updated, information can never be erased.
Therefore Blockchain technology can be quite useful in strengthening the security architecture of Aadhar. Aadhar on blockchain platform will make the hacking very difficult. Apart from cryptographic protection one need to hack multiple nodes/servers to access the database. Because of distributed blockchain platform, malicious attacks would be difficult unless 51% of nodes are compromised.
Similarly, Aadhar on blockchain platform can tackle the surveillance issues. A blockchain with multiple nodes such as the UIDAI, a court, a few ministries, Parliament can be established. For any access to database authentication from multiple nodes would be required instead of one single central authority
The blockchain is an emerging technology and it can be customized for massive applications like Aadhar, and many countries are using block chains to store sensitive information. For example, Estonia has all assets and identities on a blockchain network.
There is no doubt about the utility of Aadhar, the only concern is the security of data. Therefore the possibility of Aadhar on blockchain should be considered seriously to make Aadhar more secure.


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