What do you understand by the so called 'Peaceful Rise' (hepingjueqi) of China? Give arguments in favour / against the same.

‘Peaceful Rise’ (hepingjueqi) was introduced by the famous Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) intellectual named Zheng Bijian in November 2003.Thereafter the term was used by Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao in their speeches in the same year, suggesting that the idea might become a moreformal component of Chinese foreign policy.
The peaceful rise of chine holds importance because:

  • China’s phenomenal growth keeps the world economy afloat. By embracing the market, the world’s biggest country has multiplied its economy 10-fold over the past three decades. Thus China has become the engine of the world economy.
  • China is an emerging ‘force for stability’ in world politics. From stabilizing the Middle East to neutralizing Islamic fundamentalism, containing global warming or countering nuclear proliferation, China and West have shared interests.

The rise of China and other nations like India, Brazil, South Africa and a resurgent Europe will spearhead the march for a ‘Multipolar World’ wherein no one hold a hegemonic position.


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