How India and Germany are cooperating in the areas of Clean Ganga Initiative, Energy sector and Green Mobility?

India and Germany are cooperating across a wide arena of opportunities. Some of the key engagements include:

Clean Ganga initiative:

  • Germany had a similar challenge in rejuvenating the river Rhine.
  • Even Rhine, the lifeline of Germany had faced abuse for decades with untreated industrial and domestic waste flowing into them causing major pollution and the extinction of marine life.
  • Under the Clean Ganga initiative, Germany is sharing its experience with India to bring back “Mother Ganga” to acceptable standards, as it has successfully done for “Father Rhine”.

Energy Sector:

  • The Indo-German Energy Forum was set up to promote cooperation in the field of the renewable energy sector.
  • The strategic Green Energy Corridors project aims to build transmission lines transferring clean energy to different parts of the country. The project is being undertaken in association with German Development Cooperation.

Green Mobility:

  • Germany has committed Rs 8,900 crore over five years to improve solid and liquid waste management and provide climate-friendly urban transport like the Metro in Nagpur.
  • Germany is partnering with three smart cities of Bhubaneswar, Kochi, and Coimbatore to provide sustainable urban public transport.

India and Germany have come together even at G4 to press for reforming of the UNSC. India and Germany are working as equal partners to tackle global development challenges.


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