To what extent forcing airlines to accept social obligation of flying to remote part of the country is justifiable? Discuss in the light of Route Dispersal Guidelines.

Route dispersal guidelines makes the airline operators accept the social obligation to fly to the northeast and other remote parts of the country forcing Indian airlines to launch loss-making flights to remote airports.
The rule instituted in 1994, divides the domestic routes into three categories; category I, category II and category III. Under the rule all Indian airlines must deploy at least 10% of their aircraft in so-called Category II routes, which are often commercially unviable but socially important.
Route dispersal guidelines are correct to large extent as; there are many places which cannot be linked with train or bus services such as Andaman and Nicobar and other islands. Hence requirement of flight is must. Furthermore, with no better availability of roads for North East route. Air flight becomes important. The draft National Civil Aviation Policy 2015 also, does not propose to abolish the Route Dispersal Guidelines.


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