‘The time has come for India and Japan to build a strong contemporary relationship, one involving global and strategic partnership that will have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.’ Comment

India and Japan relations have strengthened over the last decade with bilateral visits by the Prime Ministers. The relations date back 6th century when Buddhism was introduced to Japan.

Building a strong contemporary relationship

UNSC Reforms

The UNSC reforms are long overdue. The UNSC doesn’t reflect the changing global realities and the P5 are hesitant to recognise the emergence of new world leaders like Japan, India, Germany etc. Both India and Japan are engaging through G4 along with Brazil, Germany for the UNSC reforms. Time is now ripe to take forward the long-pending UNSC reforms.

China Factor

China is displaying its usual aggressive tactics to position itself as the undisputed leader of Asia. Both India and Japan have strained relations with China. A more aggressive engagement between India and Japan is sure to send jitters in China. The robust relationship will go a long way in containing China and promoting a multi-polar world.

Increasing Presence in Africa

Africa is emerging as a key global arena of the 22nd century. China has an early starter advantage and is rapidly expanding its presence in the continent. India has a goodwill in the continent when it is coupled with the technical and economic capacity of Japan, the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor is bound to be a success.


The notion of Indo-Pacific is gaining momentum. India and Japan which occupy the rim of the Indo-Pacific region can drive the agenda for the new world order of the 21st century along with ASEAN.


It is the era of trade deals. The negotiations of RCEP is gaining momentum and India is projected as deal-breaker. India needs allies who can understand the concerns and support India in its bid to prevent against dumping of cheap Chinese products. This deal can be a game-changer in building the Asia of the 21st century.

India and Japan relations are relations of two equals with mutual benefits where each can fill in for the shortfall of others. This contemporary and strategic relationship is bound to have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.


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