Discuss the relevance and potential success or failure of the so called "Quadrilateral Contact Group" as envisaged by Afghanistan.

Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) is a four-nation group working for reconciliation in Afghanistan which includes Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States of America
Group aims to initiate reconciliation process between civilian government in Afghanistan and  Talibans  to preserve Afghanistan’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and achieve lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

  • The QCG will not succeed unless the Taliban comes to the negotiating table which seems to be difficult as Taliban has continued its violent attacks latest being in Gardez (Paktia province) and Andar (Ghazni province) in Afghanistan a day after the QCG meeting in Muscat.
  • Pakistan has been perpetuating is its ability to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. But has been providing sanctuary to the Taliban.
  • The group does not include Russia which knows more about Afghanistan, its politics and actors while it includes China. China though a regional power but does not have much insight.
  • The working of group requires Pakistan and Afghanistan to be on the same page but Afghanistan has been constantly exploring alternatives to reduce its dependence on Pakistan.
  • The group is being seen more as an attempt by Pakistan to remain relevant in Afghanistan and region.
  • The group excludes Iran and India which are not only allies of Afghanistan but also have stake in peace and security of the region.

Afghanistan too is not keen on QGC but is involved due to pressure from US, hence a process not owned and led by Afghanistan will always remain on shaky grounds.


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