In the light of poor road safety conditions in India, discuss the measures taken by the government in this regard.

Recent World Bank report on traffic crash injuries claims that approximate 4.5 lakh people are involved in road accidents in India every year, with 1.5 Lakh losing their lives.


  1. Violation of traffic regulations
    • Over 27% accidents caused by driver without licence.
    • Poor implementation of regulations – high corruption in issue of licences, poor monitoring.
  2. High congestion
    • National Highway and state highway barely amount to 5% of total length but caters to 70% traffic.
  3. Poor infrastructure
    • Low investment translates into poor quality and unsafe construction with inadequate speed bumps, large patholes.
  4. Rash driving and negligence

Measures taken:

  1. Amendment to regulatory Framework such as motor vehicle Amendment Act, 2019.
  2. Infrastructure development
    • Key focus of national infrastructure pipeline.
    • Initiatives like Bharatmala Pariyojana.
  3. Awareness among the general public through road safety day, steep rise in penalties.

Measures needed:

  • Independent study of the critical road infrastructure and immediate retrofitting work to be undertaken.
  • Highlight the frequent zones of accidents and take measures like adequate lighting, speed bumps.

Right to life is an essential constituent of article 21 and is of paramount importance. The state has the duty to safeguard it through prevention and control of road accident.


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