In any economy, three sectors namely employment, agricultural and banking sector are of utmost importance. What steps must be taken to boost these sectors in India?

There is a lot of political interference in every sector in India. The new government must focus on a structural based economic agenda and must provide Indian economy modern and world class exposure. The following reforms must be taken:
Employment sector:
An industrial-strength apprentice and vocational training system and a quantum jump in the quality of our school education is necessary for the growth of Indian employment sector. The following steps must be taken:

  • Revamping the broken chain of India�s vocational streaming and training system
  • Stream high-school youth into the vocational path
  • Improving the quality and relevance of vocational education
  • Focus on employment generation for environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects

Banking Sector:

  • Immediately transfer its ownership in public sector banks to an empowered agency in the form of an exchange traded fund (ETF)
  • Delink these banks from all forms of governmental interference
  • The centre should insist on accountability in the governance of all public sector banks

Agriculture sector:

  • Improve agricultural productivity
  • Provide alternative occupational paths for rural households
  • Access to better seeds and technology
  • Drip irrigation and crop planning for the farmer
  • An easier path from farms to markets for products
  • A steadier offtake of farm products and a reduction in middleman costs

�It is the time for the government to take some urgent steps to reform the economy.�� It requires collective efforts from all the stakeholders involved.


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