Do you agree with this view that informal pressure groups have emerged as more powerful than formal pressure groups in recent years?

Pressure groups

A pressure group is what tries to influence public opinion and the policy for a particular reason. Their role is very significant for the development of political and social systems. The action of the pressure group is usually based on various things i.e. political, religious, commercial positions. They conduct media campaigning, publicity stunts, research, surveys, etc.

The example of the pressure group is trade unions, business associations, farming associations, churches, etc. They never try to attain direct control of the government.


When the ruling political party fails to address the grievances of the people, when they fail to make policies for the development of the people, the emergence of the social movements and different groups becomes inevitable. Those bodies are actually termed as the pressure group.


  • They have played an important role to reform society against the threats during the post Independence period.
  • They have fought for the equal rights of women and women empowerment.
  • The Narmada Bachao Andolan, the introduction of the Lokpal Act proved the importance of their presence.

Present condition

Even after the prolonged battle, social discrimination is still thee. The court order says in favor of the women but the society is yet to adopt the idea of gender equality. The barbarity against the Dalits, Adivasis, and women are still persistent that promotes social imbalance.

Way ahead

The pressure group plays an important role in social reform but the ultimate change is needed inside the society. The states have to be very careful while delivering good governance to the people. The objectives will be achieved when other concerned organizations and the society itself start operating in line with the pressure group.


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