Why India needs a mature standard ecosystem? Discuss the objectives of the draft Indian national strategy for standardization.

India needs a robust standard ecosystem because:

  • The rapid growth of the Indian economy make it essential to establish a robust Quality Infrastructure in India with a harmonized, dynamic, and mature standards ecosystem.
  • Standards have been widely recognized as catalysts for technical development, industrial growth, well-being of the society and more recently for convergence of new and emerging technologies. Hence the mature standard system can give impetus for Make in India.
  • India is one of the major agri-exporter. Quality standards on agri produce should reflect different varieties and not homogeneity to boost the exports.
  • Increasing the exports by enhancing the quality of the exports from the country and achieving an export led growth.
  • Evolving right standards for service where country has an advantage.

National strategy on standards can be a key driver of all economic activities relating to goods and services. The Department of Commerce has now come up with a Draft Indian National Strategy for Standardization (INSS). Key objectives of the draft INSS include

  • Positioning standards as a key driver of all economic activities relating to goods and services
  • Developing a comprehensive ecosystem in India for standards development taking into account the diversity of interests and expertise available
  • Using standards as enhancer of competitiveness of Indian goods and services in domestic and international markets
  • Providing level playing field to domestic industry
  • Adopting best practices in standardization, conformity assessment and technical regulations and creating an integrated infrastructure, roadmaps and institutions for their effective management
  • Playing an active role and taking leadership positions in apex international forums in the related areas
  • Creating response mechanisms to global developments on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment practices that impact market access of Indian goods and services
  • Aligning the Strategy with other national policies related to trade & industry, consumers and environment

India should be a standard setter not follower. Draft IRSS can aid India in achieving this goal.


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