"Cropping pattern is a dynamic concept". Discuss

Cropping pattern refers to the crop sequences and spatial arrangement techniques in an area at a particular point in time. It is usually measured over a period of years. It is a dynamic concept as the pattern changes depending on the place, circumstances, and many other factors.


  • The Monocropping system allows one crop on agricultural fields at a time (one year). It is responsible for soil fertility degradation.
  • In Mixed or Multiple cropping systems, multiple crops are grown in the agricultural field at a time period of one year. It is considered one of the best cropping patterns.
  • In the system of intercropping, more than one crop is grown simultaneously on the same agricultural land in one calendar year. It helps to maintain soil fertility. There are different types of intercropping arrangement.

Dynamic concept

Cropping pattern is considered a dynamic concept because of its dynamic characteristics that change with space and time. It experiences significant changes from time to time because of the influence of physical, cultural, technological, and economic factors. Sometimes a total replacement occurs. The changes due to differences in irrigation facilities are mainly happening from traditional crops to the HYV crops and from cereals to commercial and cash crops.


The land is used for agricultural activities to a large extent and the analysis of various problems relating to agriculture has benefited the economic and Regional Geography. The crop combination culture provides information about individual crop Geography; about the crop combination itself that demands distribution of more complex structures of the agricultural regions.


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