Discuss the modern trends in Indian classical music.

The classical music has managed to survive despite the fact that it requires rigorous practice and devotion. Some believe that the reason solely responsible for this survival is the Indian guru-shishya tradition in which a teacher or guru is given the utmost form of respect and student or shishya adhere to his teachings. Some other reasons for its survival are a highly scientific structure within which a musician could operate with total freedom, the aesthetic appeal of the music, the melodies and the unmistakable spiritual aspect of the music.
After Indian Independence, several attempts were made to revive the Indian classical music.
However, with time the modern society gradually began to take over newer forms of media.
 An increase in the number of artists indulging in fusion and a growing number of organizations dedicated to spreading the richness of the tradition has helped revive interest in classical music. The Indian classical music tradition is still there, having survived so many adversities.


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