Terrorism in India

India’s Anti-terrorism Preparedness

The level of preparedness of anti-terror agencies in India can discussed under four heads viz. Intelligence gathering, Training and operations, Investigations and Prosecution. Intelligence gathering With respect to intelligence, RAW acts as external intelligence agency while IB collects intelligence within the country. After 26/11 attacks, NATGRID and MAC have started participating in intelligence gathering also. […]


National Counter-Terrorism Centre India

Establishment of India’s National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is closely linked to the similar bodies in United States. Before 9/11 attacks in US, the responsibility for co-ordination related to terrorist threats was under the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). A Counter-Terrorism Centre (CTC) of CIA handled the task of coordination, follow-up on the intelligence gathered by various […]

Anti-Terror Laws in India

The various central acts dealing with terrorism in the past and present are: The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, 1987. It was allowed to lapse in 1995 after its misuse. The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), 2002. It was enacted after the Parliament attack in 2001. It was also repealed in 2004. The Unlawful […]

Anti-terror Institutional Framework in India

In India, a number of intelligence, military and police organisations fight against the terrorism activities. For intelligence, we have Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) that acts as the external intelligence agency Intelligence Bureau (IB), a division of the Home Affairs Ministry, collects intelligence within India. After the 26/11 attack, government has formed various other agencies […]

History of Terrorism in India

The history of terrorism in India can be traced to Khalistan movement in Punjab in the eighties. After independence of India, the demand of separate state by Sikhs led to the formation Punjab. However, even after that there are many unresolved issues pertaining to the Chandigarh as state capital, sharing of river waters etc. It […]