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Pusa Yashasvi is a new potential variety of Wheat

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) has released a new potential blockbuster wheat variety  –  Pusa Yashasvi (HD-3226) – for planting in the upcoming rabi crop season. The new variety has high genetic yield potential at 79.6 quintals as compared to other varieties of wheat. It is highly resistant to all rusts and Karnal bunt, ..

The first-ever World Pulses Day (WPD)

The first-ever World Pulses Day (WPD) is observed on 10th February to raise awareness about the multiple benefits of eating pulses. Pulses are a type of leguminous crop that are harvested solely for the dry seed. Dried beans, lentils and peas are the most commonly known and consumed types of pulses. Pulses do not include ..

The team of scientists identified regions in wheat genome responsible for density of Zinc in wheat grain

The scientists have recently identified regions in the wheat genome responsible for concentration of zinc in wheat grain. They have also identified candidate genes involved in zinc concentration in wheat. The findings can potentially help in developing wheat varieties with enhanced levels of the micro-nutrient. The researchers have found 39 new molecular markers and two ..

Andhra Pradesh government signed a pact with National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) to develop technologies relating to banana production

The National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) Tiruchi has recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with the Andhra Pradesh government to develop technologies relating to banana production. As per the agreement, NRCB will be the knowledge partner in developing technologies towards value chain management, supporting banana export, organic production and waste utilisation. It will ..

Govt to sell more grains through open market, PDS

In order to clear space for stashing away fresh grains, several options are being considered by the Govt, including providing more food-grain into the PDS (Public Distribution System) and selling extra wheat via a re-worked open market sale scheme. The government plans to push in an additional 14 million tonnes of grains in the PDS ..

Global Food Prices Rise 33% in a Year

Recently, a World Bank report was released which said that prices of a number of food commodities have increased sharply over the last twelve months and global food prices are up 33% in July from a year ago. The report says that prices of maize were up 84% in July from a year ago, sugar ..