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Mexico discovers oil

Mexico recently announced one of its biggest oil discoveries. The discovery is the biggest since the find in 1987. The oil was discovered in the Quesqui Field in the Tabasco state on the Gulf coast. It is an on-shore field with a reserve of 500 million barrels of crude deposits. This is a combined estimate ..


GI tag for Tirur Vettila leaf

The Tirur Vettila has been granted a new Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indication Registry of India. What has happened? The Tirur Vettila is a betel leaf which is obtained from the trees in the Tirur and surrounding areas of Malappuram district, Kerala. The Tirur Vettila tree is renowned for its unique for ..


Kilogram will get new measure set by value of Planck constant from 2019

The International Conference of heads of Metrology Institutes held in Sevres, France has decided that the measure of kilogram will no longer be pegged to cylinder. From 2019 onwards, it will be set by value of Planck constant in combination with definitions of meter and second. Why it was changed? Till now, the kilogram is ..