Reproduction: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

First healthy baby born with 3 parent in Greece

A three-person baby has been born using genetic material from two women and a man in Greece. The medical technique was used to overcome the 32 year old mother’s infertility. A technique called maternal spindle transfer was used by medical team in Barcelona in which maternal DNA is put into the egg of a donor ..

Lambs born from oldest semen

Scientists have successfully impregnated dozens of merino sheep. The sperm used was frozen since 1968. The live birth rate is usually higher only when a semen frozen for less than 12 months is used. This impregnation proves that artificial insemination is safe with frozen semen. The semen was stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees ..

Hwang Woo-suk: The man who cloned first Dog is back to fame

Hwang Woo-suk is a South Korean scientist and researcher, best known for creating Snuppy, the world’s first cloned dog. He was a professor of theriogenology and biotechnology at Seoul National University. He was a national hero in South Korea till 2006, when some of his research into creating human stem cells from a cloned embryo ..