PPE: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Researchers identify PPE-related Skin Injuries

Apart from the shortage of PPE posing threat to healthcare workers around the world, a new problem has been identified in the form of PPE-related skin injuries. PPE-related Skin Injury A study by Chinese researchers published in Advances in Wound Care brought up the issue of PPE-related skin injuries among healthcare workers. Of the more ..

Government issues manual for home-made masks

The Principal Scientific Advisor has released a manual for the preparation of home-made masks using readily available items. Home-made Masks The home-made masks can be prepared from easily available items like handkerchiefs and old garments like vests and t-shirts. These are to be cleaned thoroughly using heat, UV light, soap and water and also alcohol ..

Development of products for protection against CBRN agents

The DRDO bio-suit is only the recent addition to a series of CBRN defence equipment being produced by India. CBRN Defence CBRN or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defence is the protection against hazardous materials that are chemical, biological or radiological in origin. It involves: Passive protection Avoidance of contamination Mitigation Such defence products are ..

DRDO develops a bio-suit for health professionals

The DRDO has developed a bio suit for health professionals who are working with COVID-19 patients. The production capacity for this suit is to be increased to 15,000 per day. About the Suit The suit was developed by DRDO with the help of industrial players for protection of medical, paramedical and other personnel working on ..

PPE Supplies

The centre is taking steps to augment the supply of PPE (personal protective equipment) like hazmat suits, masks, etc. to ensure sufficient supply in the upcoming days. Centre’s Efforts The Union Ministry of Textiles and the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently assured that sufficient steps are being taken to make sure that ..