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Ukraine gears up for Presidential Elections

Ukraine will vote to elect their sixth President on Sunday. The elections are seen as first test for President Petro Poroshenko ever since he had taken to top office in 2014 banking of the wave of Revolution of Dignity. There are around 35 million eligible voters in Ukraine but many millions of them are in ..



Russia’s coast guard seizes three Ukrainian ships after a tense standoff in Black Sea near Crimean Peninsula

The Kerch Strait is a strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Its’ also a narrow sea passage that divides Crimea from mainland Russia. The strait is spanned by the recently completed 11.8 mile Kerch Bridge, connecting Crimea to Russia. Recently, it is in news because Russia’s coast guard opened fire ..


Ukraine and Rebels agree to a buffer zone

In a strategic deal. Ukraine and the pro-Russian rebels have signed a deal which will let an area between the two territories completely disarmed and pull-out all fighters and weapons from there. There has been a ceasefire between the two sides in the Minsk agreement. The outcome which will be quite significant to ensure peace ..