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Mughal Architecture

Neither Babur nor Humayun lived long enough to enjoy the newly founded Mughal Empire. The reign of Akbar (1556-1605) witnessed the development of the mughal architecture. The most important features of the Mughal monuments in India are the bulbous domes with constricted necks, the slender minarets with cupolas at the four corners, large halls, massive ..

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Taj Mahal named as 2nd best UNESCO world heritage site in world

The Taj Mahal, a mausoleum crafted in ivory-white marble, has been named 2nd best UNESCO world heritage site in the world, according to a new survey by travel portal TripAdvisor. The ‘monument of love’ was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It ..


Delhi: Isa Khan’s Tomb to be restored

Isa Khan Niyazi was a noble in the courts of Sher Shah Suri and his son Islam Shah. His tomb built in 1546-47AD predates Humayun’s Tomb by over two decades. This splendid tomb was a culmination of the octagonal tomb style of the earlier Sayyid & Lodi dynasties. Isa Khan’s Tomb stands on the entrance ..