Liquid Hydrogen: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Airbus to launch World’s first Commercial Hydrogen aircraft by 2035

On September 21 2020 the aviation company airbus launched three concepts for the first zero emission commercial aircraft. Their aircraftcraft is to enter into service by 2035. Highlights The three concepts of the company has been introduced under the code name ZEROe. The concept of are as follows Turbofan design. It can accommodate 120 to ..

What is the meaning of Cryogenic Engine?

Cryogenics refers to the study of the production and effects on the behaviour of materials at highly low temperatures i.e. below – 150-degree centigrade. It is technically a complex system as the propellants are used at very low temperatures. Each kilogram of cryogenic propellant gives more force than other solid or liquid propellants used in ..