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Zero Budget Natural Farming

What is Zero-Budget Natural Farming? The creator of the ZBNF model in India is Subhash Palekar and it was first practised in Karnataka state. He recommends the four aspects of ZBNF that are: Bijamrit, Jiamrit, Mulching and Waaphasa. Bijamrit is a microbial coating of seed, Jivamrit is an enhancement of soil microbes, Mulching is covering ..


Rural children breastfed more: Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey

  According to the first-ever national nutrition survey conducted by the government, breastfeeding is inversely proportional to household wealth and other factors. Due to these reasons, rural children receive meals more frequently in a day at 44% as compared to 37% of urban children. Key details: The Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey released by the government ..