Governor’s Office and Powers in India

In recent times we have come across various disputes regarding the powers exercised by the Governors of different states. Some of the instances are that of  the role of the governor of Tamil Nadu in resolving a dispute regarding appointment of Chief Minister, the appointment of governor in Arunachal Pradesh etc. In such circumstances questions […]


Powers of the Governor with Special Reference to Article 200

Article 200 of the Indian Constitution deals with the powers of the Governor with regard to  assent given to bills passed by the State legislature and other powers of the Governor such as reserving the bill for the President’s consideration. Article 200: Provisions According to Article 200, when a Bill, passed by the Legislature of […]

Pitt’s India Act of 1784

Pitt’s India Act 1784 or the East India Company Act 1784 was passed in the British Parliament to rectify the defects of the Regulating Act 1773. It resulted in dual control or joint government in India by Crown in Great Britain and the British East India Company, with crown having ultimate authority. With this act, […]