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The Greenland glacier is growing again

The Greenland glacier was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on the earth. A NASA study proves that it is growing again. The Jakobshavn glacier was retreating at 3 km annuallu. In the past two years it has now started to grow at the same pace. However scientists beleive that this is ..


Mt Everest Glaciers melting: Reveals British climbers bodies

According to BBC, the melting glaciers of Mt Everest are revealing the bodies of dead climbers. The report says that global warming is playing its role. The mountain has claimed the lives of almost 300 climbers since 1921. So far around 10 bodies have been recoverd from the melting ice. The number of climbers to ..


Glacier Mass Balance

Glacier Mass Balance is the gain and loss of ice from the glacier system. When glaciers lose more mass than they receive, it will be in negative mass balance and so will recede. When glaciers gain more mass than they lose, they will be in positive mass balance and will advance. Whereas, when Glaciers gain ..


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