What is Monoceromyia flavoscutata?

It is a new species recently discovered in India. Along with Monoceromyia flavoscutata, researchers also found Monoceromyia nigra. These newly discovered species were classified as a new type Syrphid flies. About the discovery The species were discovered by scientists of ..



IUCN Report: Conflict and Conservation

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently released a report called the “Nature in a Globalised World: Conflict and Conservation”. The report focuses on complex relationships between nature and armed conflict. The main objective of the report was to ..


Genome Study on Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros

The researchers at the Centre for Palaeogenetics, Stockholm showed that the populations of Sumatran Rhinoceros displayed low levels of inbreeding. About the Genome Study In order to investigate their inbreeding levels, the researchers had sequenced the genomes from 16 rhinos ..


New Population of Blue Whales in Western Indian Ocean

The scientists have recently found evidence that there exists a new population of Blue Whale in the Western Indian Ocean. This population is being discovered for the first time. Echolocation Whales produce low frequency sounds. These sounds are in the ..


Feminisation of Red Sea Turtles

The turtle population in Red Sea is turning female due to rise in sea temperature. A Team of researchers from the Saudi Arabia King Abdullah University of Science and Technology conducted a study. They selected five sites in the region that ..


Guidelines for Import of Exotic Species

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently issued advisory to import of Exotic Live Species. What are Exotic Live Species? The Exotic Live Species are plant or animal species that move from the original range to a new ..