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UP government launches Dastak campaign against AES & JE disease

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched massive door to door campaign “DASTAK” against Acute Encephellitis Syndrome (AES) and Japanese Encephallitis (JE) disease. The campaign, which was launched in association with UNICEF, will run from 1st to 31st July. Under this ..

2019 World Leprosy Day (WLD)

The World Leprosy Day (WLD) is observed every year on the last Sunday of January to spread awareness about the disease, the impact of discrimination and social stigma attached to it and how these negative effects hamper the efforts to ..

India ranked 145th in Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) index

India has been ranked 145th among 195 countries with score of 41.2 in terms of Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) index of 2016, as per Lancet’s latest study “Global Burden Of Disease”. According to the study, India performed poorly in ..

Rajasthan government launchs ‘Nidaan’ software for disease monitoring

The Rajasthan government has launched ‘Nidaan’ software for presumptive diagnosis and monitoring of seasonal and non-communicable diseases as well as the trends of ailments found in specific areas. It is expected to help in formulation of specific action plans for ..

Haryana is India’s first state to treat Hepatitis-C patients through oral medicine

Haryana has become the India’s first state to treat Hepatitis-C patients of all categories through oral medicine. This drug will be provided free of cost for permanent residents of all categories at the district level. The medicine and treatment costs ..

Michiaki Takahasi: Developer of chickenpox vaccine passed away

Dr. Michiaki Takahashi (85),  a Japanese virologist, who developed a vaccine for the chicken pox virus passed away. Dr. Takahashi developed his vaccine by growing live but weakened versions of the virus in animal and human cells. The disease was not sourced ..