Cropping Patterns in India

Difference between Cropping Pattern and Cropping System

‘Cropping pattern’ and ‘cropping system’ are two terms used interchangeably; however these are two different concepts. While cropping pattern refers to the yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops or of crops and fallow in a particular land area; Cropping system refers to cropping pattern as well as its interaction with resources; technology, environment etc. […]


Various Rice Cropping Patterns in India

With regard to the cropping patterns, India has varied climatic regions and rice is grown in different patterns as discussed below: Rice-Rice-Rice Pattern Under this pattern, three rice crops are grown in same field in one year. This is also called a cropping pattern of 300% intensity and is followed in areas with high rainfall […]

Factors Affecting Cropping Patterns

The cropping patterns may be affected by several factors and interplay of these factors. Some of these include physical and technical factors, economic factors, government agrarian policy, improvements in technology, availability of agricultural inputs and facilities etc. Physical Factors Affecting Cropping Pattern For any region, its cropping pattern depends on physical features such as soil, […]

Types of Cropping Patterns

Cropping pattern refers to proportion of area under different crops at different points of time. It also indicates the time and spatial arrangement or sequence of crops and / or fallow in a particular land area. This implies that any change in cropping pattern would indicate (1) a change in proportion of land under different […]