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Coca-Cola turns to Grandma’s Recipes in India

Coca-Cola has unveiled its carbonated version of jaljeera across the country. Coca-Cola first came up with a type of cumin-flavored sparkling water, then with a mix of unripe mangoes and spices. And further ahead, it ..

Coca Cola to invest 5 billion dollars in India by 2020

Coca-Cola Company announced that it would invest $5 billion in the country between 2012 and 2020. The company aims to double its business visualizing vast growth opportunities in the country. The company directly hires more ..

News Today : September 15, 2011

Project Unnati In order to implement UHDP Practice for Mango Cultivation, Coca-Cola India and Jain Irrigation come together under Project Unnati. UHDP: Ultra-High Density Plantation Coca-Cola India and Jain Irrigation declared the commencement of Project ..

Quick Current Affairs Update

Coca Cola targets to be ‘water neutral’ by 2012Global beverages player Coca Cola plans to replenish all the groundwater used by the company in India back into nature and become completely ‘water neutral´ by 2012.“Our ..