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Odisha sets up task force to prevent Child Marriages

A task force has been set-up in the Koraput district of Odisha to check the practice of child marriage, common among the tribal communities in the region. Task-Force for Preventing Child Marriages The task force comprises of officials from 21 departments, including health, education, social welfare and police. The education department has been tasked to ..

Global Childhood Report

The Global Childhood Report by UK-based non-profit organisation, Save the Children quotes the following data about India: There was an overall improvement in India s childhood index score. India moved up by 137 points i.e. from 632 points in 2000 to 769 points in 2019. The share of child brides in India was 30% in ..

Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak Scheme

A study was undertaken by the School of Gender Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad to explore the impact of the schemes Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. About the Scheme They are the conditional cash transfer schemes introduced in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with the objective of curbing child ..

2019 National Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD)

The National Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD) is observed every year on 11th of April to raise awareness about the proper healthcare of women and maternity facilities to pregnant and lactating women. This day also raise awareness for the prevention of child marriages that may be an indirect cause of maternal deaths. The 2019 theme is ..

India ranked 113th in “End of Childhood Index 2018”

India has been ranked 113th among 175 countries in the “End of Childhood Index 2018”, issued by global child rights group “Save the Children”. The Index which is part of the report titled “The Many Faces of Exclusion” indicated that the child marriages in India have come down to 15.2% from 21.1% in 2017. It ..

The 2018 National Girl Child Day (NGCD) celebrated on January 24

The National Girl Child Day (NGCD) is celebrated every year on January 24 with an aim to raise awareness about sex ratio levels and promote the empowerment of girls.

Bihar government launched a state-wide campaign against child marriage and dowry on occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary

The Bihar government has launched a state-wide campaign against child marriage and dowry on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. In it, people pledged not to get married a girl below 18 years or a boy below 21 or participate in a child marriage or a wedding with dowry. They also took a pledge ..

Government of India enacts Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006

The Government of India enacted the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) 2006, which will bring all the States and Union Territories of India except the State of Jammu & Kashmir under its purview. The Act is also enforceable to all citizens of India without and beyond India. As per the PCMA 2006, every child ..