World Milk Day 2021

World is celebrating “World Milk Day” on June 1, 2021 under the theme- “sustainability in the dairy sector with messages on nutrition”.

Background of World Milk Day

The day is celebrated since 2001. It was established by Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations. The day is observed to appreciate dairy farmers and dairy sector. It recognises the importance of milk as global food.

Significance of Dairy Sector in India

India is one among the largest producer of milk in world. Dairy sector supports livelihoods of millions of people in country.

Evolution of Dairy Sector in India

In the initial phases of India’s independence (in 1955) India’s butter imports were 500 tons per year. By 1975, India became self-sufficient in milk production and all imports of milk and milk products were stopped. The medal of success of milk production in India goes to Dr Verghese Kurien.

White Revolution

White Revolution in India was started by Dr Verghese Kurein in 1970. He is therefore known as “Father of the White Revolution” in India. He is known for his efforts in turning India into largest producer from milk deficient country. He led to establishment of institutions like Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd and National Dairy Development Board. Both of these institutions played a significant role in shaping Dairy Cooperative movement.


Manthan was made with the efforts of Dr Kurien in 1976. It was directed by Shyam Benegal while script of film was written by Dr Kurien and Vijay Tendulkar. About 500,000 farmers donated ₹ 2 to produce Manthan. It traces the origins of largest dairy development programme of world.




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