Who was Sangoli Rayanna?

Sangoli Rayanna was a warrior from Kittur princely state. Kittur is the current Karnataka. He ruled during the time of Rani Channamma. The State Government of Karnataka is building a military school in the name of Sangoli Rayanna at a cost of Rs 180 crores. The school will be administrated by the defence ministry.

About Sangoli Rayanna

Sangoli Rayanna was the Shetsanadi of the Kittur kingdom. He fought against the Doctrine of Lapse along side Rani Chennamma till his death. The Britishers killed the king and prince of Kittur kingdom. As there was no legal heir to the throne, they wanted to take control over Kittur kingdom under Doctrine of Lapse. Rani Chennamme adopted Shivalingappa as the ruler of Kittur kingdom. Sangoli Rayanna wanted to make Shivalingappa as the next ruler.

Fight against the British

Rayanna played a major role in the 1824 rebellion. Most of the land in Kittur kingdom was confiscated. And the left over land was heavily taxed. He created a guerrilla army. He and his army moved from place to place, burnt government offices, plundered treasuries. He trained and built army from the common people. He was caught in 1830 and imprisoned by the Britishers.


Rayanna was hanged to death in a Banyan tree in Belagavi district in 1831.

In Rayanna’s memories

Siddi was a close associate of Rayanna. He planted a Banyan tree in his grave. To this date, the tree stands majestic. A temple has been built for Rayanna under the tree. Also, Ashoka Stambha was installed near the tree.

The temple has a statue of Rayanna with two wooden weights. The weights were used by Rayanna himself for body building.


Gee Gee songs are sung on Rayanna. In 2015, the main railway station was renamed as Sangoli Rayanna railway station.




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