What is 5G NR?

Context in Current Affairs: Nokia has begun its production of next generation of 5G Equipment in India. It is the first in India to manufacture 5G NR in India.

What is 5G NR?

  • 5G NR is 5G New Radio. It is a new radio access technology developed for the fifth-generation mobile network. It was designed to be the standard for the interface of 5G networks. The 5G New Radio (NR) is a recent development in telecommunication system and has been designed to become the benchmark for the air interface of 5G networks.
  • The study regarding the 5G NR commenced in 2015 and is now adopted by leading telecommunication companies like Nokia, Ericson etc.
  • The 5G NR provides significant enhancements in like better operational flexibility, scalability and efficiency, both in terms of power usage and spectrum.
  • The new technology can provide high band width communications like streaming very high-quality video as well as low latency communications like remote control vehicle communications, machinery control etc.

Mobile usage is rapidly increasing in the world and 5G will accelerate this trend. In general, the advantage of using higher frequency is that they are much wider and allow higher signal bandwidths. They support higher data throughput rates.


Nokia has launched the production after it recently solved the antenna problems faced by 5G New Radio. Nokia along with CommScope has developed a new interleaved passive-active antenna (IPAA) radio platform. This antenna supports frequencies in the range of 700 MHz and also 3.4 to 3.8 GHz.

Frequency Interleaving has been used to solve the problem.

5G in India

In 2019, South Korea became the first country to roll out 5G network. Indian Government had earlier set a target of commercialising 5G network by 2020. 5G network will help to enable Industrial Revolution 4.0. However, India shouldn’t hurry in implementing 5G as it is expensive, its infrastructures are still critical deliberating it to cyber-attacks.




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