UNEP ‘Annual Frontier Report, 2022’

In the UNEP Annual Frontier Report 2022 which is titled ‘Noise, Blazes and Mismatches’, Dhaka has been ranked as the noisiest city in the world which is followed by Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Five Indian cities have been ranked in this list of being among the noisiest cities of the world which are Asansol, Jaipur, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Moradabad.
  • Dhaka has been ranked as the world’s noisiest city with Islamabad of Pakistan ranked third.
  • Irbid, Jordan has been ranked as the world’s quietest city and it is followed by Lyon, France, and Madrid, Spain.
  • The Frontier Report 2022 has ranked a total of 61 cities which include 13 from South Asia, 10 from West Asia, 10 from Europe, 11 from South East Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific, 6 from North America, 7 from Africa, and 4 from Latin America.

Top 15 Noisiest Cities

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh- 119dB
  2. Moradabad, India- 114dB
  3. Islamabad, Pakistan- 105dB
  4. Rajshahi, Bangladesh- 103dB
  5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- 103dB
  6. Ibadan, Nigeria-101dB
  7. Kupondole, Nepal- 100dB
  8. Algiers, Algeria-100dB
  9. Bangkok, Thailand- 99dB
  10. New York, USA- 95dB
  11. Damascus, Syria- 94dB
  12. Manila, Philippines- 92dB
  13. Hong Kong, China- 89dB
  14. Kolkata, India- 89dB
  15. Asansol, India- 89 dB

Top 10 Quietest Cities

  1. Irbid, Jordan- 60dB
  2. Lyon, France- 69dB
  3. Madrid, Spain- 69dB
  4. Belgrade, Serbia- 70dB
  5. Stockholm, Sweden- 70dB
  6. Nairobi, Kenya- 70dB
  7. Morogoro, Tanzania- 71dB
  8. Los Angeles, US- 71dB
  9. Montreal, Canada- 72dB
  10. Atlanta, US- 73dB


This report has also highlighted noise pollution and its long-term mental and physical health impacts. It also showcased the various measures that can be implemented to provide restorative and positive soundscapes across the urban areas.




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