Tamil Nadu Free Breakfast Program

Speaking in the Tamil Nadu assembly, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister (CM) M. K. Stalin announced a free breakfast scheme for government school students.

What are the other announcements made by Chief Minister M. K. Stalin?

The other schemes announced by the CM are:

  1. A scheme to eradicate nutrition deficiency in the state.
  2. Establishment of schools of excellence.
  3. Establishment of primary health centers (PHCs) in urban areas.
  4. Expansion of the grievances redress system called ‘CM in Your Constituency’.

Why the free breakfast scheme was introduced in the state?

The scheme was introduced because it was found that usually, many government school children skip their breakfast before attending school. This is because of their family situation and also lack of time, as schools are far away from their home.

What is the significance?

With the introduction of this scheme, Tamil Nadu will be the first state in India to offer breakfast along with mid-day meals to government school children.

To which class students’ free breakfast is provided?

CM Stalin announced that free breakfast will be provided to students of Classes 1-5 on all working days of the school. Initially, the scheme will be launched in some municipalities and villages and will be later expanded to the entire State in a phased manner.

Who will implement the free breakfast scheme?

The free breakfast scheme will be implemented through the local bodies.

What did the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 say about free breakfast in schools?

The National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 recommended providing breakfast at school. This is because studies show that providing a healthy breakfast will enhance the cognitive development of school children.




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