SCO Meet: India invites Pakistan, China

The Shanghai Cooperation Meet is to be held in August 2023 under India’s chairmanship. 2023 is India’s year as the country is hosting two major international meets the SCO and the G-20. The Global South looks up to these meetings. SCO members rotate the chairmanship amongst themselves. And in 2023, the rotating chair has come to India. As a responsible chairperson, India has invited Pakistan and China as they are also members of SCO along with Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.


SCO meet is to be held under the theme “FOR A SECURE SCO”. Here SECURE includes the following concept:

  • S: Security for citizens
  • E: Economic Development
  • C: Connectivity
  • U: Unity
  • R: Respect
  • E: Environmental Protection

The theme of G-20, as India says is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning “World is one family”. On the G-20 website, the Government of India puts the theme as “One Earth – One Family – One Future”


India is expected to grow 60% greater than China and many times more than US and Japan in 2023. India has attained the fifth position in foreign exchange. The country is doing good in terms of FDI. India recently surpassed China in terms of remittances. Though India is striding rapidly, there are strong economic challenges. However, the domestic demand is strong and inflation still persists the biggest challenge for the country. Apart from the Asian challenges, India is also facing challenges from the Gulf. Inviting the Egyptian President as the chief guest of republic day celebrations is one of India’s moves to counter the tensions from the Gulf.




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