RAISE 2020, Artificial Intelligence Summit: Key Facts

On October 5, 2020, PM Modi is to inaugurate the Global Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence. The summit is organised by Government of India in partnership with academia and industry. The summit aims to transform education, health and agricultural areas.

RAISE is Responsible AI for Social Empowerment, 2020.


In June 2020, India joined the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence along with US, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Canada.

Key Features of the Summit

  • The summit is held to exchange ideas of Artificial Intelligence for inclusion, social empowerment, transformation in key areas such as agriculture, health care, education and smart mobility.
  • It calls for global participation in government representatives, academia and opinion makers.
  • The summit aims to encourage discussion on public infrastructure, transform society and build responsible Artificial Intelligence for social empowerment.
  • More than 38,700 stakeholders have registered for the summit from 125 countries
  • The summit will add 957 billion USD to the Indian economy by 2035.
  • The summit will discuss on education and awareness for responsible AI, impact of data and AI in smart cities, leveraging AI for pandemic preparedness, role of data government in enabling AI, building a future-ready Agricultural Supply Chain and role of data for responsible AI.

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

India is a founding member of GPAI. It supports human centric and responsible development and use of AI. In June 2020, the initiative was hosted by OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in Paris.

The initiative will bridge the gap between theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence. This is to be done by supporting research and applied activities related to AI. The GPAI will bring together international organizations and partners from civil societies, academia and society to promote responsible evolution of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a branch of Computer Science that is concerned in making computers behave like humans. The technology provides ability to the machines to perform tasks such as perceiving, thinking, learning and problem solving.




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