PM Modi to participate in European Council meeting

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to take part in the European Council (to be held on May 8, 2021) meet. This year, in 2021, the India-European Union Leaders’ Meeting is to be hosted by Portugal. Portugal currently holds the chair of the grouping.

About the meet

The PM Modi is to participate in the meet along with other Government heads of the members of the European Union. The leaders are to exchange views on COVID-19 and also will foster sustainable and inclusive growth.

The fifteenth India-EU Summit was held in July 2020.

Key discussions

India and European Union is expected to discuss the free trade deal. They will discuss about agreements regarding Geographical Indications and also investment protection agreement. The Investment protection agreement is to “Europeanise” the agreements India has had so far with the individual member states.

European Union Council

The Council meets at least twice in six months. All the twenty seven heads of the member states participate in the meet. The high representatives of the foreign countries also take part in the meet when the foreign affairs are discussed.


During the meet, the European Union is to discuss about the TRIPS waiver on COVID1-9 vaccine. TRIPS is Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. The US has agreed and the European Union is yet to make a decision on this.

Treaty on Pandemics

Around twenty-five members of the European Union have been wanting to sign the “Treaty on Pandemics” along with WHO. It will focus on bringing vaccines to global community as quickly as possible. This treaty is to be discussed during the meet.




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