NITI Aayog: Plans to include eggs, chicken and fish in PDS supply

The GoI think tank Niti Aayog on December 18, 2019, announced that it is considering options to include fish, chicken and eggs in the PDS (Public Distribution System). The move is expected to be included in Niti Aayog’s 15-year Vision Document to be published in 2020 and be effective from April 1, 2020.


The aim of the move is to include one or more of nutritious food items under the food subsidy programme. This will widen the list of food items along with coarse grains, rice, wheat and pulses. The think tank believes that supply oils, spices and sugar under PDS is unhealthy.


According to the UN, 195 million Indians are undernourished. India constitutes one-fourth of global hunger burden. However, India being self sufficient in food grains, is also a net export of certain food categories. Hence, the problem lies in lack of nutritious food. Hence, NITI Aayog is coming up with subsidy regime for protein rich food.

NITI Aayog Vision Document

Under the direction of PMO (Prime Minister Office), NITI Aayog has already begun drafting a vision document 2035. The document will include ways to increase rural income, making India a preferred manufacturing destination and an export hub, boost Industry 4.0, ways to address unemployment and underemployment in the country, etc.




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