National Defence Authorisation Act, 2021

The National Defence Authorisation act, 2021 was enacted by United States to specify budget, expenditure and policies of United States Department of Defence for the fiscal year 2021. The act determined the annual budget of United States as 740.5 USD. The first National Defence authorisation act, 2021 was passed in 1961. Since then, the act has been passed every year.

Why is the act named after William M Thornberry?

The act has been named the William M thornberry National Defence authorisation act. It has been named after William m Thornberry to honour him. He served as the chair of the house armed services committee. The committee is responsible for funding and oversight of department of Defence in the United States.

What is the recent issue in regard to National Defence authorisation act?

The outgoing US President Donald Trump recently vetoed the National Defence Authorisation act, 2021 arguing that the act affected national security. He also disagreed with its provisions of renaming military installations after confederate general. However, the House of representatives voted to override the veto power of President Trump.

What are Veto powers of the US President?

The President of United States may choose to veto or reject the legislation on rare occasions. However, the lawmakers can override the Veto and enact bills into law by proving two-thirds of votes in both the Chambers of Congress.

Every Bill for resolution approved by the United States Congress is presented to the president for his approval. Once the bill is presented, the president may sign the bill into law within 10 days or may reject the bill by returning to the Congress with reasons of objections. If the president does not do anything with the bill, the bill automatically becomes a law after 10 days.

The term Veto does not appear in the Constitution of United States.




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