Japan to issue COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

Japan is going to make a vaccine passport available from next month for Japanese travellers in a bid to relaunch tourism and business trips abroad.


  • This certificate will be paper-based rather than digital.
  • It will be issued by local governments from next month.

Digital Vaccine Passport in EU

European Union is working on digital vaccine passport for summer of 2021 to reboot tourism and attract tourists. EU version of certificate will comprise of information on whether a person has been vaccinated or had the virus, tested negative or had been recovered.

What is vaccine passport?

Vaccine passport, also known as immunity passport or immunity certificate, is a document in paper as well as digital format. The certificate attest whether its bearer is immune to a contagious disease or not. This public certification can be taken by governments to mitigate an epidemic. It is different than a vaccination record or vaccination certificate verified by medical records of the clinic. Concept of immunity passports has drawn attention during COVID-19 pandemic as a way forward to contain pandemic and permit faster economic recovery.




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