India’s exports of organic farm products rose 51% in 2020-21

According to commerce secretary, Anup Wadhawan, exports of India’s organic farm products has increased to 51 percent in 2020-21 challenging the hiccups in supply chain amid covid-19.


  • Outbound shipments of organic products have hit 1,040 million dollars in last fiscal as compared to 689 million dollars in 2020.
  • Farm exports have increased over 17 percent to 41.25 billion dollars in last fiscal.
  • Exports of organic products increased by 39 percent and reached to 8 lakh 88 thousand 179 tonnes in terms of volume in last fiscal.
  • Organic products that were shipped include oil cake & meals, oil seeds, millets, cereals, spices and condiments, tea, dry fruits, sugar, coffee and medicinal plant products.

Organic farming in India

Organic farming in India is in nascent stage. As per Union Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, As of March 2020, 2.78 million hectare of farmland was under organic cultivation. It accounts for just two per cent of the 140.1 million ha net sown area in India. some of the states have improved their organic farming coverage. Major part of this area is concentrated only in few states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. These states cover half of area under organic cultivation. Madhya Pradesh tops the list with 0.76 million ha of area under organic cultivation, which equal to the 27 per cent of India’s total organic cultivation area.




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