India’s Agri Exports during 2020-21 grew 17.34%

India’s export of agricultural and allied products in 2020-21 have increased by 17.34 percent. It now equals to USD 41.25 billion.


  • As per commerce secretary Anup Wadhawan, this growth momentum in Agri export is expected to be sustained during current fiscal as well.
  • India experienced huge growth in the export of cereals, wheat, millets, non-basmati rice, maize and other coarse grains.
  • Exports have taken place from several clusters for first time. For example, export of fresh vegetables & mangoes from Varanasi and black Rice from Chandauli.
  • Exports of agricultural products (excluding marine and plantation products) increased by 28.36 per cent in 2020-21 as opposed to USD 23.23 billion in 2019-20.

Which countries are India’s largest markets?

Largest markets for agricultural products of India are United States, China, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nepal, Iran and Malaysia.

Agri Export Policy

About 18 states, including Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Punjab, Assam and Karnataka, have finalised their specific action plan to implement Agri export policy. As per the policy, 46 unique product-district clusters have been identified for export promotion while 29 cluster level committees have been formed.

Recent Market access

India recently gained market access for pomegranate in Australia; oranges in Serbia; mango & Basmati rice in Argentina; mango, banana & soybean oilcake in Uzbekistan, carrot seeds in Iran; wheat flour, basmati rice, and tomato, okra & onion in Bhutan




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