Indian Govt pulls up Army chief for accepting U.S. military honor 'Legion of Merit' without its permission

Screenshot_5The Indian government pulled up the country’s Army chief General Bikram Singh for accepting a ‘Legion of Merit’ ,the sixth highest American military honor, without its approval. The Indian Defense Ministry questioned that the bestowment of the honor was not the part of General Singh’s itinerary during his visit to the U. S., then why he accepted the ‘Legion of Merit’, without prior clearance from the government.
General Bikram Singh is the fifth Indian armed forces officer, to have received the award after Field Marshal Kariappa and first Indian Chief of Army Staff Gen Rajendra Singhji.

What is Legion of Merit?

It is the sixth highest American U.S. Military award which is awarded to both US military personnel as well as to military and political figures of other nations for exceptionally meritorious conduct and services.
 Note: As per the norms, any Indian defense forces official has to seek permission from the government to accept foreign honors.



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