Effects of an Indo-Pakistan Nuclear War

A recently published study outlined the immense effects that even a limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan would have on the world.

Temperature Drop

The study hypothesised that a nuclear war between the two South Asian neighbour states would send 5 million tonnes of soot into the stratosphere. This would spread across the world. It would absorb sunlight and lower the global mean temperature by 1.8 degree Celsius and precipitation by 8%. This effect would last for atleast 5 years.

Effect on Food Production

The study said that the war would lead to a drastic reduction in crop production. It would adversely affect the 4 main cereal crops: maize, wheat, rice and soybeans. Production of these 4 crops would fall by 11%. It would affect the breadbasket areas in the north and the consumer areas in the south.

Global Famine

Such a war is also expected to lead to a global famine. 70 countries with a population of about 1.3 billion people will see a drop in food supplies by more than 20%. Countries like Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Rwanda would be adversely affected by the subsequent restriction imposed by developed states on their food exports.


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