eCovSens developed by National Institute of Animal Biotechnology

The scientists in National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB), Hyderabad have developed a biosensor called the eCovSens. The sensor is used to detect COVID-19 virus in saliva samples.


The researchers from NIAB have developed non-invasive bio-sensor testing device called eCovSens to detect COVID-19. The lens can help detect COVID-19 virus within 10 to 30 seconds of testing.

Working of the Sensor

The electrode of the device is coated with the antibody of COVID-19 virus. When the saliva sample of the infected person is put in the device, it gets applied to the electrode. A reaction then occurs between the antibody in the electrode and the antigen in the saliva. The reaction creates an electric flow that confirms the presence of the virus.

National Institute of Animal Biotechnology

The National Institute of Animal Biotechnology was established in 2010. It was established by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology. The institute aims to provide translational research that involves livestock and beneficial to mankind.


The Government of India is currently facing various challenges such as shortage of testing kits, lack of adequate testing, etc. Several states had complained that the rapid antibody test kits imported from China were faulty. Therefore, implementing these technologies in larger scale will help solve the challenges faced by the Government.




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