Economic Development of the North-East

For the economic development of the north-eastern states, the Indian Government is investing money and leveraging modern technology to help the locals economize their domestic produce. These include bamboo products, bird feathers, traditional clothing items, and beverages.?

One such area where the Indian Government can aid in the economic development of the people of the North-East is by commercializing the white tea potential, in the state of Tripura.

What is white tea?

  • The white tea is one of the most delicate tasting tea varieties because of its minimal processing needs.
  • They are harvested before the tea plant?s leaves open fully at a time when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs (thus the name ?white? tea).
  • These buds and unfurled leaves which are the newest growth on the tea plant are then handpicked following which they are quickly and thoroughly dried. The drying is done to ensure that the leaves are not allowed to oxidize (for turning into green or black tea).
  • This reduces processing requirements and its low oxidation causes the formation of some of the most delicate and freshest tea available.

White tea in Tripura

Several white tea pilot projects were being executed currently in the state of Tripura, the success it has received in domestic and international markets has motivated the government to go ahead for full-scale production of white tea in the state.?


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