CSIR and AYUSH Ministry begin clinical trials of four Ayurvedic Drugs

On May 13, 2020, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Ministry of AYUSH began clinical trials of four Ayurvedic drugs. The four formulations include Ashwagandha, Guduchi + Pippali, Yashtimadhu and AYUSH-64.


A Taskforce has been formed to implement the trials. A comparative and competitive study is to be conducted between Ashwagandha and Hydroxychloroquine.

What is AYUSH-64?

AYUSH-64 is an ayurvedic anti-malarial drug. The drug has proved its efficiency in treating malaria. In 1984, western Rajasthan was affected badly due to malaria. The drug was highly effective as it proved its efficiency in more than 3,600 cases. Also, in 1995 Assam was affected due to similar epidemic. The AYUSH-64 drug again proved its efficacy in treating 10,000 malaria affected people. The drug is made of natural ingredients alone.


It is usually consumed to increase immunity of the body against cold, cough and viral infections. Ashwagandha is a leaf.


Guduchi is an Ayurvedic root. It possesses antipyretic, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant properties. It helps to fight respiratory issues and also heal digestive problems.


Yashtimadhu is a stem. It is used to heal sore throat, irritation in the throat and cough. Apart from this, it also has ulcer fighting properties.


Pippali is a medicinal herb. The root of the herb is used. It is used to improve blood circulation and treat asthma.




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