Fungal Attack in Neem Trees

The neem trees in the state of Telangana are affected by a fungus. The fungus is invisible to the human eye and has been identified as Phomopsis azadirachtae. The trees are not dying. However, the fungus is disturbing the capability of the trees to produce healthy fruit. Also, the fungus is also affecting the flowers being produced by the trees.

How deep is the issue?

Neem trees have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They have a huge role in the field of Ayurvedic and other traditional Indian medicines. India is the largest exporter of neem products in the world. The fungus may affect neem exports.

About the disease

The fungus is causing a disease called Twig Blight. The disease kills the twigs, shoots, branches, and the starting tips of the neem trees.


Spraying fungicides is the best cure. However, each tree has to be given individual attention. The fungicide cannot be sprayed in mass. Also, the trees need to be pruned now and then. Twigs start to die after the fungicides are sprayed. So they need to be removed.

History of Twig Blight

The disease was first reported in Dehra Dun in the 1980s. It was found in the forests of the Himalayan regions. Later it was found in parts of Karnataka and TN around 2000. It reached the Rayalseema region of AP from Karnataka. From here it has now come to Telangana.



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