China to run First Electric Train in Tibet

China will operationalise first electric train in remote Himalayan region of Tibet. The electric train will connect provincial capital Lhasa with Nyingchi.


  • The 435.5-km Lhasa-Nyingchi section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway will be inaugurated ahead of centenary celebrations of ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) on July 1.
  • Nyingchi is a strategically located Tibetan border town close to Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Electricity transmission process has been completed and tested.

Sichuan-Tibet Railway

Sichuan–Tibet railway is a high-elevation railway under construction. It will connect Chengdu (capital of Sichuan) and Lhasa (capital of Tibet Autonomous Region). It is a 1,629 km long line which is going to cut travel time from Chengdu to Lhasa to 13 hours from 48. This will be the second railway into Tibet after Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It will go through southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is one among world’s most geologically active areas.

Three segments of railway

First segment of the railway called Chengdu–Ya’an, came into operation on December 28, 2018. Second segment of railway named Nyingchi–Lhasa, will open June 25, 2021. While final segment called Ya’an–Nyingchi, is expected to complete in 2030.

Why this project was launched?

China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet. This claim is rejected by India. Thus, China has launched the project to establish its foot near the region.




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